Friday, July 24, 2015

What's in My Bag

Hi Dolls :) 

Today I ' m going to share with you my bag. I just came from work and all of my daily routine stuffs are inside of this bag. I picked up my camera and started to take pictures for you. 

I 've always been organized person. To do that i bought pouches . I used to be unorganized person after i discovered pouch bags i ' ve became one of organized freaks . 

You're going to see what i'm talking about.

1.  Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Noe Bag

This bag is from Lv . I've got it recently . And it's multi-functional . it's a big bag and it has zipper pockets inside of it. 

2.  Forever New Make-up Bag

I used to have a LV make-up pounch but i bored of it . I just recently buy this makeup bag from Australian brand "ForeverNew"  it reminds me retro spring/summer times back in 50's :) 

3. Girly Bag 

This is my as i call it "my girly bag" It has lots of stuffs in which indicates self-hygiene product. There are products like hand-sanitizers , moisturizers , tampons , genital hygiene stuffs.

4. My LV Wallet

This wallet is my everything . It keeps my money  , my credit cards , business cards being organized. It has a pocket for changes. 

5.Tomford Sunglasses

This sun glass is my everything. It is my holly-grail . I never stopped using it . I have other glasses too but this one is special to me . It is really expensive sunglasses but definitely it deserves .

6.My Swissco

This brush is same as Tangle -Teezer and also it is really cheap . It is so handy . 

7.My Pill Box

I do carry my medicines with me because you dont know what's gonna happen to your body . I just carry it with me just for emergency. 

8. My Headphone + Headphone Case

This is just a regular headphones. These are from a German brand called "schineder". 

And the case is from a local market . Fabric is plastic . I always carry my headphones with a case it protects headphones and also your headphones won't be detangled.

10.My Agenda

As I told you before I 'm organized person . So I like to plan thing in an agenda .

11. My Key

This key is a cheap plastic key. The reason i love this thing it tells me :)

I hope you liked it :)

Thank you all for your support:)