Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tylor Swift Street Style

Hi Dolls :)

Has anyone realized how Taylor swift changed her style in this one year. 
She became much fashionable glam woman compare to her past years. 
She became glamorous woman and she mixes retro patterns and styles in her outfits .
She usually prefers to wear high waist-ed shorts and skirts . Compare to retro styling she usually chooses 70's , 60's style patterns. 
Taylor Swift found herself in Retro Glam . 
As the years goes by she made radical decisions and choose a style to prevent her self. 
She cut her hair also . And as we can see she seems happy about that . 
Another styling tip that I 've realized from Taylor Swift. She often wears red lipstick as well. 

Long Sleeved Shirt Collar Dress with pearls reminds as simplicity of begining of 60's 
Her Shoes are definitely looks vintage (but it's reproduction) 
Her Hand bag seems like 60's hand bags . 

From Left To Right: